Easy OHS

Be-Sure Fire can provide a complete outsourced OHS Service, which includes:


3 hours consultancy per month which will typically consist of an on-site visit to review the months activities, review outstanding actions, perform a workplace inspection and perform software maintenance.


EasyOHS is a state of the art, easy to use cost effective solution that provides all the functionality you will ever need. Installation, configuration , support and updates are all included.

This service can be used by just about any sized business, in any location and any number of staff.   

The service has been designed to allow rapid compliance and provide support from safety experts all in the one low cost package.  

So it does not matter if you are a sole operator, or have only a few staff or whether you have 100 staff - Be-Sure Fire can rapidly assist in managing your workplace safety needs.

Would you like someone on your staff who:

  1. knows and understands all the OH&S requirements?
  2. will help produce all the necessary reports, policies and procedures etc. to maintain your OH&S requirements?
  3. will train your staff about OH&S requirements?
  4. is always up to date with all the changes and news that occur within the OH&S rules?
  5. will save you from the potential penalties, including jail and substantial fines, that you could suffer if an accident occurs in your workplace and you had not kept your OH&S compliance up to date?
  6. will help you maintain a safe workplace.
  7. will do all that with a minimum of fuss?

Of course you would, but what would you be willing to pay someone full time to do all that? You don't need to!

Be-Sure Fire will provide an outsourced OHS Service for only $499 per month.

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